AME :: Historic Amis Grounds Information

Amis Open House

Thomas Amis Colonial Christmas Home Tour
Saturday, December 14, 2019
1pm – 5pm
$10 Preservation Donation
Colonial Guests
American Indian Guests and authentic gift sales
Amis Mill Eatery Open for Dining Pleasure

AME :: Welcome back to the Amis Mill Eatery!
OPEN: Days/Hours :: Wed - Saturday ( 11 am - 9 pm) & Sunday (11 am - 3 pm)

AME :: What We Offer


The Eatery
Eatery & Pavilion

Historic Dam

Historic Dam
Enjoy your meal along with this breathtaking View


Weddings & Events

Wedding Arbor


Visitors Center

The Visitors Center
Enjoy your walk through history.

Creekside Cabin

Creekside Cabin Rentals

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Amis Mill Eatery

Join us at the Historic Amis Grounds for Events, Great Food, Weddings, Tours and Our Visitor Center, all with wonderful views of our TN Mt's.

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